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To Tap China's Enormous Market & Capture Post-virus Business Opportunities

China In Strong Push For Consumption

  • To pursue self-sufficient economic and market growth, the Chinese government has kicked off a series of measures and policies to boost domestic spending, goods trading and product selling.
  • China is shifting towards a consumption-driven economy by lowering its import tariffs. On top of the drastic import tariff cut on 187 consumer goods made in 2017, China has further reduced tariffs since July, 2018 on 1,449 import items from an average tariff rate of 15.7% to 6.9%.
  • China is accelerating the establishment of a new development pattern featuring “Dual Circulation” which takes the domestic market as the mainstay and allows domestic and foreign markets to boost each other. The new strategy will greatly boost domestic demand while attracting foreign investment and stabilising trade.
  • All these are shaping China into a huge consumer market with lucrative business potential for suppliers in the neighbouring Asian countries.

China Consumers In Demand Of Import-grade High Quality Products

  • Amid the country's rapid economic development and fast-rising living standards, Chinese consumers' spending surges with an expanding demand for premium-quality products.
  • Export-grade products from Asia are poised to be sought-after by Chinese buyers for their varieties, better design and premium quality. These Asian-made products can fulfil the desire of the increasingly discerning consumers in China who are pursuing a higher quality of life.

The E-commerce Boom In China

  • E-commerce channels become a prevailing and dominant market force in the Chinese retail, as well as the sourcing and trading sectors.
  • More and more consumers in China have switched and adapted to online shopping amidst the COVID-19 pandemic while most brick-and-mortar retail shops and businesses experienced a shutdown or even closures.
  • Meanwhile, all these e-commerce companies are in constant need of sourcing supplies, especially for those high-quality and high-end products to cater their vast spectrum of customers both in China, in nearby Asian countries and around the world.